The Sensors Network for EMF Monitoring as Public Protection Tool

Nikola Djuric Nikola Djuric University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia

Nikola Djuric

University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia


The electromagnetic field (EMF) become an inevitable element of surrounding environment, regarding an extensive technological development of wireless communication, which uses EMF for data transfer. Almost each telecommunication service uses its own EMF sources, generating considerable level of artificial EMF in surrounding, in addition to the natural ones. Therefore, in last two decades, the considerable efforts are devoted to investigation of EMF influence/exposure on a living organism and consequent prevention of dangerous EMF levels in environment.

The modern EMF investigation approach suggest continuous and long-term EMF monitoring, initiating development of several progressive monitoring systems. This Keynote Speech will present concept and technical details of the state-of-the-art continuous EMF investigation using wireless sensors network (WSN).

The acquisition, processing and dissemination of monitoring results will be discussed, offering experience in development of the Serbian EMF RATEL monitoring network, as the newest system of this kind. Also, the open metrology issues in such monitoring networks will be discussed, opening new research opportunities for young researchers in metrology community.

Finally, the systems for continuous EMF monitoring are intended to become useful and user-friendly tool for the general population, interested on daily EMF levels, as well as for decision makers and regulatory agencies, which are in charge for regulation and protection of environment from possible harmful level of EMF radiation.


Professor Nikola Djuric received his Ph.D. degree in Telecommunication and Signal Processing from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad (FTN-UNS). Currently, his research is focused on computational and applied electromagnetics, particularly on systems for electromagnetic field monitoring.
Professor Djuric is Head of the Chair of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Head of Laboratory for Electromagnetic Compatibility at FTN-UNS, as well as leader of the research team that has been specialized in environmental EMF measurement and monitoring for EMF compliance testing and estimation and simulation of the whole-body exposure to EMF.
In the last four years, professor Djuric has been a Project Coordinator of several nationally funded projects, regarding continuous broadband EMF monitoring and EMF exposure assessment. He was also the MC Member and Serbian Coordinator for the EU COST BM1309 Action – “European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications (EMF-MED)”.
Professor Djuric is a Member of Technical Committee of the Accreditation Body of the Republic of Serbia (ATS), then the ATS Commission for the Accreditation of Laboratories for EMF Compliance Testing and the ATS Commission for the Adaptation of Legislative Acts. Additionally, he is an IEEE Member and author of more than 100 journal and conference articles.

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